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Questions  // Frequently Asked ...

Questions about Diffusers ...
  1. How is released the fragrance

    We diffuse the scent by micro-nebulization.
    This technique uses in a natural way the ambient air, The liquid fragrance is transformed into micro-droplets that remain suspended in the air. Our equipment is CE certified and produces the \ compressed air into the rigor of its specifications. In addition the system components in contact with the scent are made in specific materials without possible toxic release.

  2. How does the iSens works?

    By a simple electrical connection to a receptacle.
    The power supply allows you to connect to a European or U.S receptacle (220 V or 110 V)

  3. Can we schedule the iSens?

    All our iSens are programmable via the SD card supplied with it (new-generation 2011) or via a USB cable (earlier generations). However, each clustomer receives the device programmed individually.

  4. How we must position the iSens ?

    Depending on the situation you can place the iSens Classic close to the entrance and exit of your space in order to create an olfactive curtain to welcome your customers.
    If your space is equipped with air conditioning (duct type), the iSen HVAC is recommended. Each HVAC Isens supports up to 8,000 m3/h of treated air.
    For more information on how to connect to the AC please contact our technical service at the following address

  5. What is the shelf life of a fragrance refill

    Usually 6 weeks. Depending on usage it can be changed every 4 weeks (intensive) or every 8 weeks (moderate)

Top Questions about Perfume ...
  1. Do you have a choice of scents available

    No, and we are proud!
    Indeed we have chosen to make our clients different and unique by the discrete but effective presence of a scent. We could not therefore content ourselves with a list of perfumes as wide as it can be.
    Our approach is simple: a client, an olfactory identity!

  2. How do you design olfactory signatures

    Everything begins with a scent brief, a very simple document that you need to fill in your own words.
    Then our developers will try to study your company and get the most useful information than establish an initial olfactory profile.
    A crossing is then made to define olfactory trails that will be submitted for your approval.
    Tracks that will be submitted shall be generally carried out by a nose whose talent is not any more to show.

  3. Does the design process is long

    It depends on the number of decision-makers and the difficulty or not to agree on the key elements of the brand image.
    On average it takes 3 to 5 weeks.

  4. What if we are in a hurry ?

    To set up an olfactive environment is not something which must be done in the rush. The consequences of the choice of the scent are multiple and disappointment can be large. Diffusing an unspecified scent is not good judgment and can involve an opposite reaction to that desired.
    However having already realized signatures in various fields and according to your emergency degree we will be able to propose you tracks already suggested without those being retained by a customer.

  5. What advantage is there in having an olfactory signature

    To have your olfactory identity will bring you a unique recognition by your customers who fits completely your approach of differentiation.
    Moreover, we offer you the possibility, later on, to put this note on various supports other than the diffuser, such as Perfumed candles or Room Sprays for example.

Top Question on Services ...
  1. How do you commercialize the iSens ?

    Sale or lease, the customer chooses.
    We recommend purchase of equipment for economic reasons, but leases of 24 or 36 months are also proposed.

  2. What about the fragrance

    The fragrances are sold by annual subscriptions named Fragrance Annuity.
    On average this represents 6 refills of 500 ml. This subscription is renewed tacitly every anniversary date, except termination by the customer (see GCS)

  3. Can I change my perfume during the year

    This is possible in the occasion of an animation originally planned.
    However we recommend that you do not changes more than 4 time in the year .

  4. How do you neutralize bad odors

    A bad smell finds its origin in various reasons. Once they have been defined we will offer you the best solution both in technical terms (diffuser) and in terms of product (neutralizing or destructive).
    For more information on that subject please contact our technical service at the following address